Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not receiving or hearing desktop notificiations?

If you are enabling desktop notifications, you will need to allow Prolific Reserver permssion.
Copy the following link into your address bar:


Then set both the 'Notifications' and 'Sound' permssions for to 'Allow'

I'm seeing a message 'Prolific Reserver has started debugging this browser' is this a problem?

No, this is normal. Prolific Reserver makes use of some debug-related functionality in order to interact with the website on behalf of the user. You can dismiss or ignore this message.

Sometimes the extension tries to reserve a study and it says 'this study is full', is the extension still working?

The extension is still working. Unfortunately some studies are full by the time they are ered to you ((even if they show a few places remaining), so even with the extension it is impossible to reserve a place on these.

Why does Prolific Assistant notify me of a study, but Prolific Reserver does not reserve a place?

A lot of the time Prolific will offer studies which are already full by the time they are offered to you, despite showing that they have some places remaining. Prolific Assistant will always send you a notification for these studies.
Prolific Reserver only notifies you once a place is secured on a study.
As such it will try to reserve a place on the study, find that it is already full, and will not notify you.
We recommend you do not use Prolific Assistant and Prolific Reserver at the same time, to avoid confusion.

How do I cancel my Prolific Reserver Subscription?

To cancel your subscription, click the link that was emailed to you when you first received your key.
Alternatively, go to the management page
You will still be able to use Prolific Reserver for the remaining days in your monthly billing period.

If I cancel before my free trial ends, will I be charged?

You will not be charged. Also you will be free to use the extension until the trial period expires.

Check Status page for issues

There may be an issue that we are already aware of, and currently working on a fix for. So before you contact us, be sure to check the status below.


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