Prolific Reserver is a Chrome extension that monitors Prolific and automatically reserves you a place on studies that fit your selected criteria.

The extension will ping you a desktop or mobile notification, or an email, to notify you that you have a place reserved on a study.
You can customise the criteria for which studies you are interested in. So you’ll only get signed up to studies that meet a minimum £/hour, or a min/max study duration.
No more missing out on studies, or sitting there staring at the screen waiting for new studies to arrive!

To use the chrome extension you will need to subscribe at a cost of £1.00 per month.
You are free to cancel at any time. Also, your first 7 days are totally free, so you can see if Prolific Reserver is right for you.
To start your free trial click the button below. But first be sure to read through the 'How to' guide and 'Disclaimer' sections below.


Prolific Reserver is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Prolific, app.prolific.co or any related sites.

As such, we cannot guarantee the Chrome extension will continue to function into the future. Prolific is a third party and may modify their site without warning.

If this does happen, we will try to update the extension such that it continues to function, for as long as it is feasible.

You should check with Prolific's terms of service and user agreement before making use of this chrome extension.

If this extension is in violation of Prolific’s terms of use, and results in punitive action being taken against your account we are in no way responsible.


Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

How to use Prolific Reserver


- Prolific Reserver is only available on the Google Chrome browser for desktop. (Should also work with Microsoft Edge, though this is untested)

- You must install the Prolific Reserver Chrome Extension (available here), and purchase a key by clicking here. Your key will be emailed to the email address you entered at checkout

- After installing the extension, click the extensions menu icon in the top-right of your browser bar, and click the icon to open the Prolific Reserver menu.

- We also recommend pinning Prolific Reserver to your browser bar for easy access, by clicking the pin icon

- You will be prompted to enter your API key. If you have used your key previously on another device, you may also be prompted to 'Transfer key ownership'

- You do not need to be signed into chrome to use Prolific Reserver. But if you are signed in, we'll sync your settings over multiple devices for you.

Badge Statuses

While using Prolific Reserver, you will see one of the following badges over the icon in your extensions menu

! This indicates some action is requried to get Prolific Reserver running. Click the icon and follow the prompts to get setup.

Off This the extension is installed, but currentlly disabled. Click on this badge, then click 'Enable Prolific Reserver' to get started

On This indicates the extension is installed and enabled, but you do not currently have an active session. Open a tab on app.prolific.so/studies to get going.

OnThis indicates the extension is currently enabled, and is waiting for studies to come in. Now feel free to just sit back and wait!


- At any time clicking on the badge at any time will allow you to set your configuration options, toggle the extension on/off, and set the criteria for the studies you wish to be signed up to.

- Whilst the extension is running in a tab, you may leave your computer, or continue to use it for other tasks. The extension will prevent your computer from going to sleep.

- As a Prolific study appears, Prolific Reserver will check to see if it meets your selection criteria, and automatically reserve a place if it does.

- You will receive a notification by desktop and/or email, and have 10 minutes to open app.prolific.com and either accept or decline your place in the study. After 10 minutes your reservation will be rescinded.

- For email notifications, we recommend using an email provider such as Gmail, that is capable of sending instant notifications to your phone when you get an email. Also, ensure you add notification@prolificreserver.com to your contacts, to prevent email going to spam.

Support & FAQ

If you require assistance with anything:
Click here to view the FAQ or contact us